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Summer Daily Activities

Visitor activity timetable 15th February - November 2nd


Time Activity Location

10.30 am

11.00 am

Meet the education team      

Singing dogs Feed & Talk

Education centre (4)

Singing dogs enclosure (30a)

11.15 am Meet the Alpacas Alpaca Enclosure (49)

11.30 am

12.00 am

Tortoise feed & talk

Bugs and Things

Tortoise Enclosure (20)

Encounter Zone

12.30 pm Wallaby Feed & Petting Wallaby Enclosure (35)
1.00 pm Spider Phobia
Encounter Zone
1.30 pm Cheetah Feed & Talk Cheetah Enclosure (34)




2.00 pm Snakes Alive Encounter Zone
2.30 pm The Furry & Zoo Babies Encounter Zone
3.00 pm Meet the Hogs River Hog Enclosure (37)
3.30 pm Meerkat Feed & Talkk
Meerkat Enclosure (3)
3.45 pm Pelican Feed & Talk Lakeside  43
4.00 pm The Beast Feed & Talk  Exmoor Beast Enclosure (13)  not Saturdays
4.30 pm Martens Feed & Talk Martens enclosure (2)

Zoo Talks
Extra talks with their times written up on the chalk boards around the zoo are also done daily for those who are interested (hunting dogs, grey wolves etc.,)

Some of our summer feeding sessions, talks and animal encounters are imaged below;

Snakes alive education talk to children at the encounter zone Girl holding a giant snail Gentlemen holds a snake aided by trained staff

family of otters relaxing on top of rocks   otters at 11.00am


Staff member gives talk to small crowd about the meerkats by the meerkat enclosure meerkats at 3.30pm

Whatever the weather we will be there as these are feeding times for the animals as well as talks for you, so come and join us

Father helps his young daughter feed the wallabys 12.30pm Wallaby feed and petting with the "mob" at enclosure 35

Two women take part in the Alpaca meet and greet 11.15 am Meet the Alpacas at enclosure 49 on the zoo trail

Scared women holds a spider as part of the spider talk 1.00pm Spider phobia at the encounter zone

Come along and listen, joining in with the contact sessions is always optional!