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Winter Daily Activities


Timetable November 3rd - February 14th


Time Activity Location
11.00 am Otter & Friends Feed & Talk Otter Enclosure (22)
11.30 am Meet the Alpacas Alpaca Enclosure (49)
12.00 am Spiders & Bugs Encounter Zone
12.45 pm Wallaby Feed & Petting Wallaby Enclosure (35)


Activity Location
1.30 pm Cheetah Feed & Talk Cheetah Enclosure (34)
2.15 pm Snakes Alive Encounter Zone
3.00 pm Waterfowl Feed & Talk Lakeside (43)
3.30 pm Exmoor Beast Feed & Talk Exmoor Beast Enclosure (13)  Not Fridays


The zoo has some special animals which more formal talks are scheduled with. Every day without fail both winter and summer, rain or sunshine we meet everybody at 11.00am in the morning at our otters, our cheetahs are fed 1.30pm and from 3.00pm onwards the option of attending the different afternoon talk sessions exists

Winter Talks

Our winter talks run from 03.11.2012 until 30.03.2013
Winter talk and feed sessions are less frequent and are usually as follows;

Otters 11.00am at their enclosure number 20 on the zoo trail

Pair of Otters swimming along side each other

Cheetahs 1.30pm at enclosure 30 by the crowd stand

Close up of Cheetah turning it head to look behind itself

Waterfowl 3.00pm by the lakeside at zoo trail number 40

Adult Penguin standing on rock Baby Penguin chick siting in patch of grass

and finally,

The Exmoor Beast 3.30pm at their enclosure number 13 on the zoo trail.

Pair of Leopards relaxing together in their enclosure

Feeding sessions

In the winter we only do one supervised feeding contact session:

12.45pm Wallaby feed and petting at number 31 on the zoo trail.

A family helps feed the Wallaby in the winter as part of the wallaby feeding and petting sessions

Animal Handling at the zoo

Winter handling activities are reduced and usually consist of the following;

11.30am Meet the Alpacas at enclosure 45 on the zoo trail

Alpaca contact session with Exmoor Zoos visitors

12.00pm Spiders and Bugs at the encounter zone
2.15pm Snakes alive at the encounter zone

Small group get to hold a spider as part of theTalk spider

Come along and listen, joining in with the contact sessions is always optional!