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Booking Form - Educational In-Reach

    Visit Details  
    Date of visit
    Confirmed by previous email or telephone conversation? Yes No
    Time of arrival
    Contact Person  
    Contact Name
    Contact Email Address
    Contact Telephone Number
    School Details  
    Name of School
    Free additional education session during visit? Yes No
    Any special content requirements, please state?
    Number of children at £4.50 (plus VAT) per school child (£5.40)
    Minimum of six children
    Number of free teachers at a 6:1 ratio
    Number of additional teachers at £5.50 (plus VAT) each (£6.60)
     Pre visit date-pre bookable only  (1 teacher weekdays only)  
    Payment with booking
    Payment on day of visit
    Payment by invoice after visit (£10.00 invoice charge plus VAT applies)