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Visitors are always invited to leave comments on our questionnaires and if you leave your email we will always try and reply. Someteimes we get testimonials and this is a small selection of some of our email correspondence!My girlfriend and I recently spent a week in Devon and wanted to inform the team that we spent a very enjoyable day at your zoo.

"As a long-time zoo sceptic, I wasn't too sure what to expect on our visit last Sunday. But I need not have worried for I felt quite uplifted by the friendliness, quality of the enclosures and general wellbeing of the animals and birds - a view shared by my wife and family.
So many congratulations for running what seems a perfect enterprise. I don't think we quite got around to viewing all the exhibits, such was the interest generated in the several excellent educational talks, but we shall most definitely return in the spring for another exploration.
"Brilliant," declared our two grandsons. And so say all of us!
Yours sincerely,

"Following our conversation today at the Exmoor Exchange at Raleghs Cross, I would like to repeat that we feel that Exmoor Zoo is probably the best value for a day out on Exmoor.
My husband and I, personally bring our five grandchildren (now aged 5 -9 years old) at least 3 times a year when they come to stay. We have watched the Zoo grow at each visit and there is always so much to see and do. We find that the mixture of education and sheer fun cannot be beaten. Neither children nor adults ever tire of coming, enjoying  everything from the guinea pigs to the Exmoor Beasts and from the wonderful play area to animal handling.
Keep up the good work. You are really appreciated.
Denise Sage
Manager Porlock Visitor Centre"

"From the lady who welcomed us on our arrival and happily relayed a list of the days events, to the zookeepers who gave informative, educational and fun talks about the animals, we had an absolutely outstanding time. The written information around the animals pens was interesting and never overwhelming, the animals looked to be in very good health and the park staff were always smiling!
Please accept our appreciation for helping us to have a brilliant day out!
We will be happily recommending your zoo to friends and family who are visiting Devon in the future.
Kind regards,
Lee "

"Hi - My friend and I had originally decided on a drive across and a picnic on Exmoor and to "pop in" to the Zoo some time. I thought maybe the best thing to do was to visit you first and then we would know what time we had to explore Exmoor, which I love anyway. We arrived at 10.30 and left at 18.00!!! Some pop! I wish I had known about you before, and will definitely come again. We both could have listened to your keepers for hours, as they were obviously so immersed in their subjects. Wonderful day, not to be forgotten in a hurry, but hope to return before long.
Thanks again
Joan and Sonia"

"Hi - Just a quick email to say I enjoyed my first visit to the zoo on Saturday. I'm a member of a photo sharing website called Flickr. I noticed there wasn't a group for people to share their photos of Exmoor Zoo, so I've created one. I hope you don't mind. It's a great place for people to share their photos from the zoo and also promotes the zoo to people who haven't been before. I've included the url to your website, and pointed out that the group is not connected to yourselves in anyway. The group can be found at www.flickr.com/exmoorzoo
Keep up the good work.

"Dear Exmoor Zoo,
We have just got home from a visit with you today and just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we all had.
Not only is the zoo a pleasure to walk around but the staff were amazing. In a world today where customer service isnt always delivered I think you need to highly praise your team. Every member of staff that we came across wanted to tell us about the animals that they were with, the events that were about to happen, give directions to other areas etc.
When it came to lunch time there were no normal problems of going in and out of the zoo to the car and when we came across the play area the children thought it was fabulous.
I really can say that you have thought of everything and yes you really are a family friendly zoo.
We will certainly be back!!!!!!!!
Many thanks again for a great day out,
Kind Regards,
The Tucker Family."

A great big thank you from Bolham School. Children and adults had a wonderful day at the zoo. The activity sessions were superb and added a great deal to the visit. We shall, of course, return.
Best wishes, Mick"

"Heres one pupils recount
The Brilliant Best and Only Exmoor Zoo (Roar Roar)
On Friday I went to Exmoor Zoo. I got to Exmoor zoo by a hot and stuffy coach. My group leaders were Sharron, Katas mum and Joe, Megans dad. The people in my group were Millie, Megan, Niamh, Kata, Mabel and Florence.
The weather was cloudy when we arrived and when we in the zoo it started drizzling so we went inside a hut kind of thing until it stopped. As the day wore on it got better and better until it was so sunny.
I thought the only reason to make it a better zoo would be to add zebras, lions, tigers and more wild animals like that. But apart from that it was BRILLIANT!!!!! I liked it because there was a little play area kind of thing where there were guinea pigs and tame rabbits which you can stroke, feed and pick up. I did loads of cool activities and stuff. I saw lemurs, the Exmoor Beast and cheetahs. I learnt that cheetahs tails are like as a extra leg and helps them balance while at their top speed of 100Kmh.
My best bit was seeing the cheetahs being fed. I would go there again for anything!!!
(Emily P, aged 7)"

"Good afternoon, Yesterday, as the weather was nice and sunny here in Ilminster my wife and I decided to pay our first visit to the Exmoor Zoo.
As we passed South Molton, en route to the Zoo, the weather changed and a thick mist set in with thick drizzle. We decided that, as we had got that far, we would continue as planned and reached the zoo at about 10.30 am.
Sadly the weather did not improve until we were leaving, at about 2.45pm, but during this time we thoroughly enjoyed everything we saw. We were particularly impressed with the very helpful signing, making different features easy to find, we also detected a great keenness in your staff who gave such interesting talks.
Keep up the excellent work, and we hope to be able to visit you again quite soon, hoping that we can bring better weather next time.
My one worry, quite honestly, was that the cafe was not quite big enough to cope with the visitors, the numbers even quite depleted on such a bad day, but no doubt this will be improved at some time.
David Pincombe"

"I would just like to say a big thank you to one of the young lads (he had long blonde hair) who did a snake demonstration when I visited over a week ago. Since my visit I have become the proud owner of a striped amel corn snake who's around 4 months old called Bernard! If I hadn't of visited I would still be pet-less. My fish died over 2 weeks ago, he was 10 1/2 years old. During the demonstration and a chat with the young lad I realised that a corn would be the perfect pet. I really enjoyed the demonstrations that you put on for us, but I don't think a cheetah would be quite an appropriate pet to have although they were another favourite of mine. (my neighbours may have something to say about that!!) Thanks again Pam"

"Dear all Zoo staff,
I have just returned home after a visit to your zoo with my two happy children who have had a wonderful day, they have not stopped talking about it. They loved meeting and learning about the Alpaca's`s and found the ring tailed lemurs very entertaining.
We all found the staff friendly and the shows we saw very informative and interesting something you do not get at the big zoos. We did not manage to see all the shows so will definitely be back.
I just thought I would let you know what a wonder full day we had and what great value for money your zoo is.
Thanks a lot.
Maxine Sheppard"