Animal Adoptions

What is the Animal Adoption Scheme?

Any visit to Exmoor Zoo can now be more worthwhile. By adopting an animal, you can provide a helpful contribution towards the phenomenal cost of keeping and feeding the animals and supporting our conservation and breeding programmes. A small donation can go a long way towards helping!

Exmoor Zoo has been involved in watching over wildlife for 20 years and as a member of the British and Irish Zoos and Aquaria, (BIAZA) we are committed to species survival and environmental enrichment for the many animals in our care.

Who can adopt and how?

Anyone can adopt an animal, an individual or a large company, a brownie pack or a home for the elderly. Simply select the animal you would like to sponsor, complete the booking form or print this and send it with your cheque to the Zoo, using the address that is on the form.

Sponsorships as a gift

Looking for a present for the person who has everything? Adoptions make unusual gifts at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or Father's Day. The date will be printed on the certificate. If the Adoption is intended as a gift please allow a minimum of two weeks for this to be processed.

Please note:
Animal adoptions applies to the species rather than the individual animal as animals may leave the Zoo for a variety of reasons, such as part of a conservation or breeding programme. If this applies to the whole species you have adopted, we will advise you and you may transfer your adoption to another species. Animals need your help

Every day another species of plant or animal will disappear from this world forever. You can play a valuable role in wildlife conservation at Exmoor as each animal is waiting to be sponsored by you, your friends, your school or even your company.

Why adopt?

As the numbers of animals threatened with extinction increases dramatically, the role of the modern zoo becomes more important; some animals owe their existence to the care provided by zoos. At Exmoor we are proud of our continued breeding successes with many rare and endangered animals in our care. We receive no subsidies or grants and the high costs of specialist care (for example: 14 keepers work here as of 2019) and we can only continue twith the help of your support.

Your adoption scheme

The fee for adopting an animal is based on a 3 month contribution to provide food, heating and enclosure maintenance, animal husbandry costs and veterinary fees for your favourite animals. You will also be assisting ongoing conservation projects at Exmoor Zoo.

You will receive

  • An adopters certificate
  • A complimentary zoo admission ticket for two people to visit the zoo (value £31.90 as of 2022)
  • A name plaque in our tunnel of fame for one year
  • A photograph of your favourite animal
  • Periodic zoo news updates

Any individual Zoo Animal can be adopted, but this is limited to 4 adoptions per year (one adoption per person for each 3 months of the year - maximum of 4 per year)

Adopt an animal now