Listed below are the feed and talks we will also share with you in the open. 

NB: You may have to queue at the peak arrival time of 10am to 11.30am particularly mid-week in summer.

There is so much to see and do at Exmoor Zoo! 

Our daily and monthly activity schedules are below. Click here to  Download  a map of the zoo.


9th February - 02nd November 2024

Time Activity Location
10.30am Ring tail lemurs talk Lemur towers (9)
11.00am Otter & bush dog talk Enclosures (22/22a)
11.30pm Grey wolf talk Grey wolf enclosure (39)
12.00 Animal encounters Encounter zone
12.45pm Hunting dog talk hunting dog enclosure (42)
1.00pm Cheetah talk Cheetah enclosure (34)
2.00pm Animal encounters Encounter zone
3.00pm Exmoor Beast talk    leopard/puma encosure  (12/13)
3.30pm Tapir talk Tapir enclosure (41)
3.45pm Meerkat  talk Meerkat enclosure (3)
4.00pm Clouded leopard talk Clouded leopard enclosure (3a)
4.15pm Wolverine talk Wolverine enclosure (42)


3rd November  - 8th February 2024

Time Activity Location
11.00am Ring tailed lemurs talk Lemur towers (9)
11.30am Otters  talk Otters (22a)
12.00pm Grey wolf talk grey wolf enclosure (39)
12.30pm Painted dog talk hunting dog enclosure (42)
1.00pm Cheetah feed & talk Cheetah enclosure (34)
2.00pm Animal encounters Encounter Zone
3.00pm Exmoor Beast talk Puma enclosures (12)
3.30pm  Meerkat talk  Meerkat encllsotre (3)

Monthly Events for 2024

Dates Activity
Friday 1st March - Thursday 28th inclusive March Madness (special discounts)
Friday 29th March - Sunday April 14th inclusive Easter Holidays and Quiz
Monday April 15th – Friday May 24th inclusive Native Species campaign
Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June inclusive Love your Zoo
Monday 3rd June – Sunday 30th June inclusive Mini Beast Month
Monday 1st July – Saturday 31st July inclusive Exmoor Beast Time
Thursday 1st August - Thursday 31st August inclusive Big Bug Bonanza
Sunday 1st September – Friday 25th October inclusive Endangered Animals event
Saturday 26th October – Sunday 3rd November inclusive Halloween Spook-tacular
Monday 4th November – Saturday 1st December inclusive  

Locals month 1/2 price entry for all EX postodes and

TA 1,2,3,4,21,22,23,24. 

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers,

discounts, family tickets, online or tescos vouchers.

Drivers License required for postcode ID

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