“Caracals take a leap into securing their future”!

A good zoo should conserve. Whenever possible conserving a species will mean breeding. Exmoor zoo has just managed to pair their male caracal “Yoda” with a delicate and hopefully very desirable young lady from JIhlava zoo in the Czech Republic!

Renown for their ability to leap and catching their main prey birds such as grouse in the air in the wild, “Yoda” here the zoo’s male is leaping for his dinner a plucked grown on chicken!

Caracals look like another species of cat called the lynx but the only thing they have in common is similar ears. Caracals themselves occur in Africa and are more closely related to the original African wild cats. With only 4 UK zoos exhibiting this species it is becoming vitally important to breed and maintain this species in captivity.

Let us hope the caracals enjoy each other’s company and the patter of tiny paws may be in the future! Fingers crossed.