Acinonyx Jubatus

IUCN Status: Vulnerable


Prey animals up to 40kgs which would include any gazelles such as impala, young warthogs, wildebeest calves, hares & rabbits etc..


Maturing at 20 months, a gestation of 90 days and a litter size of up to 9 cubs should make this cat a very prolific species (infant mortality can be as high as 90% though

At The Zoo

We have a related trio of cheetah at the zoo (mum & her two daughters). We are not expected to breed from these in the International breeding program as their mother was successfull at Boras zoo in Sweden. She has a few older offspring breeding in Euorpean zoos controlled by the stud book.


Open plains of Africa and formerly Asia (now just Iran)

Fun Facts

The fastest running animal in the world (0-60mph in 3 seconds) and possibly the fastest ever a mammal will be able to run even in the future! A small population of about 50 Asian cheetahs exist in Iran which is all that is left from an area that included most of Asia.


A diurnal feline hunter (most other cats hunt at night) relying on quick bursts of speed to catch grazing herbivores in open areas.