Festive Amazon parrot

Amazona festiva

IUCN Status: Near threatened


Typical Amazon parrot; fruit, seeds & berries


Clutch approximately 3 eggs, incubation 28 days.

At The Zoo

Of the two sub species/races (bodini and festiva) we exhibit Amazona.f.festiva. Our pair have laid eggs and successfully foster reared but as of yet we have yet to breed from them successfully where they rear their own chicks. The pair are owned by HMRC as they were confiscated from illegal trading in the past


Prefers “Varzea” forest (seasonal flood plain areas) and is widely distributed throughout the Amazon region (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Peru & Venezuela).

Fun Facts

One of the bigger Amazon parrot species that is very difficult to breed in captivity.


Communal roost and cavity nest-hole user but relatively little is known about this species in the wild!