yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot

Amazona barbadensis

IUCN Status: Vulnerable


Fruit, seeds, some cultivated fruits such as mango, avocado and maize and cactus flowers and tops.


Typically 2 to 3 eggs are laid from mature pairs (about 3-5 years of age to mature) once a year. This coincides with the rainier season (March- September) and young fledge after 9 weeks.

At The Zoo

We have a successful breeding pair that do not always live harmoniously and as a result some of their offspring have been reared by other foster Amazon parrots such as our festive’s and blue-fronted. A raucous colony of their youngsters is just outside the cafe!


The drier areas of northern Venezuela and the close Caribbean islands

Fun Facts

Roosting each night in flocks exceeding 500 or more they are very noisy in the tops of tall trees or rock outcrops


Nest choices are the typical tree hole or less usually a cliff or cactus cavity. This is the only time pairs will be found together as this is a highly gregarious flocking parrot for the rest of the year